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Stowarzyszenie Gaudium Vitae im. Stanisławy Leszczyńskiej

The Gaudium Vitae Society in Gdynia was established in April 1989 with the approval of Bishop Marian Przykucki, due to the endeavors of doctor Krystyna Milewska. It was the tragic suicide of a young girl, unable to cope with single parenthood that resulted in the organization of this Society. Since 1989, we continue to assist young girls abandoned by their families and partners, lonely mothers and provide social assistance to many other needy families. Since the beginning of our work, we have taken care of the needs of 1200 families. At present we are assisting 260 families. While full-filling the essential objectives of our Society, we are engaged in actions to establish the Lonely Mother Home at Fredry Street in Gdynia. In order to assist many families In their life struggles, we cooperate with many social services, doctors, psychologists, teachers and educators, therapists specializing in addictions and prevention, judicial trustees, judges, Gdynia city districts aldermen, parishes and other institutions. We participate and assist in the following activities: